From ‘Thank You’ events to ‘Employee Training’ events,
we can accommodate your group in style! 

Booking a Group Event

Select a Date

Call us at (254) 526-1768 to see if the date and time you want is available. 

Pick your show(s)

Pick any show(s) from our catalog. Click here to see what shows are available.

Do You Want One or Two Shows?

Each show lasts about an hour including either a live presentation on the constellations (Star Talk) or planets (Uniview).

Multishow Discount

You get 20% off the price if you book two shows on the same day.

Figure out the cost

One show costs $5 per person. Two or more shows the same day cost $8 per person (tax not included).

Bring a tax-exempt form if your organization is tax-exempt.

Coupons are not accepted.  

Send us the information

Fill out our online pre-reservation form

The form is available here. We will send you a confirmation letter, within 2 days from the time you put in your reservation. If that doesn't happen, email us.

Check your Confirmation Letter

Make sure the Confirmation Letter matches your plans.

If your event plans change...

You must notify us at least 2  days in advance. If you don't, you will be billed the total amount of your reservation.


Collections and final headcount should be made before you arrive. 

Payment is due at showtime, not before. 

One payment only for the entire group. If the participants are paying for their own tickets, one person  (group leader) must collect all the money and turn it in as one payment. 

We accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards. Checks and cards are preferred to speed things up. Make checks payable to Central Texas College, not Mayborn Science Theater.

Prepare for the big day and enjoy it!

On the day of the field trip...

Arrive at least 30 minutes early. If you're going to be late, call us at (254) 526-1768. 

Group Leader must check-in and make the payment. 

Turn off all electrical devices that emit light or noise before seeing the show. 

Make sure you don't park in a reserved parking spot. Guess are allowed to park in the parking lot across the street from the Mayborn Science Theater.

Enjoy the show!