Astronomer's Blog

Our resident astronomer Warren Hart blogs about constellations and astronomical events going on in Central Texas. His blog is updated periodically.

Here are some astronomical activities to keep the little ones buys during our shutdown.

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Educational Blog

Our Program Assistant and Outreach Coordinator, gives parents and kids cool science things they can do together.

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Director's Blog

The Director of the Mayborn Science Theater uses his blog for general anouncements and articles on different subjects that he writes.

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Webmaster's Blog

Our webmaster blogs about a lot of stuff. New shows, cool webdesign tricks and the podcast some of the things you will find here.

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Lone Star Astronomer

Born within feet of the Alamo, raised in San Antonio, and a graduate of 2 Texas Universities, Mr. Houston is about as Texan as it gets. He got his first telescope around 1965, and took it out on the family deer lease near Pipe Creek, TX. That began a lifelong interest in astronomy that he carried around the world during his Army career. He loves Texas, nature, the sky, and sharing his passion with others. A gifted instructor, Pat loves to simplify complex concepts adding country humor, and wisdom. His favorite saying is; ‘It’s easy to be an astronomer, you only have to do 2 things… look up and think!”

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