Outreach Level 1
1 hour: $100
Outreach Level 2
Half-day (four hours): $250
Outreach Level 3
Full day (eight hours): $500

Mileage Surcharge

45-100 miles: $75
101-200: $150

Outreach Type

Informational: set up a table and hand out promo items. (This is a free service!)

Activities: We offer a variety of different science demos, experiments and hands-on activities. All of our activities can be adjusted for your current/future curriculum. They can be as large or small as space allows.

To request an outreach, please take the following steps:

Select a topic.
Select a date.
Select your time frame desire.
Contact the program assistant at 254-526-1589 to make the reservation.
We will work with you to bring the Mayborn Science Theater to your groups!