Secret of the Cardboard Rocket





40 minutes

Grade Level


Age Range

4+ years


solar system, exploring planets, characteristcs of each planet



Climb aboard a magical cardboard rocket with two young adventurers and experience a breathtaking, up-close look at each of our solar system's planets with guidance from a wise Astronomy Book. Great for young children ages 5-10 and their families!

With "Book," as their guide, the travelers seek to visit the sun, the eight planets and Pluto. They land on Venus, Mars and Pluto, fly through the Great Red Spot on Jupiter and view the other planets and sun from close vantage points. As they tour the solar system, "Book" relays interesting facts about each body, making sure his students learn something while on their wild ride.

This show features state-of-the-art 3D animation and a soundtrack with spectacular effects created at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. "Secret of the Cardboard Rocket" is perfect for the young and young at heart

Teaching Guides

Suggested Reading List

Astronomy – Dan Green

Introduces astronomy and the things it studies through profiles in which the solar system, the planets, stars and the Milky Way galaxy introduce themselves.


Beyond the Solar System: Exploring Galaxies, Black Holes, Alien Planets and More – Mary Kay Carson

In "Beyond the Solar System," author Mary Kay Carson traces the evolution of humankind's astronomical knowledge from the realization we are not at the center of the universe to recent telescopic proof of planets orbiting stars outside our solar system.


Bill Nye the Science Guy: Gravity

Have you ever wondered what holds the ocean on the Earth? Or what makes the Earth round? Perhaps you've thought about what holds humans to the ground? Host Bill Nye provides the explanation for these and other questions about the Earth's gravity. (DVD)

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (DVD)

Hosted by physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, this 13-part television production presents the gambit of scientific concepts, introduces important scientific figures and discusses the physical history of our world as we know it.


Discovering New Planets – Mae Jemison

Take a look at what scientists do to discover new planets!


Exploring Our Sun – Mae Jemison

This book explains what the sun is and how it affects the rest of the solar system.


Our Night Sky (DVD)

The Great Courses from the Teaching Company gives you the opportunity to learn about space, constellations and more from a professor!


The Solar System – Mike Goldsmith

Learn fun facts about the sun and planets of the solar system, asteroids, meteoroids and comets.


The Solar System – Rosalind Mist

Rocket into space and discover everything you need to know about the solar system! Explore the planets and other space objects that orbit our star. Learn about the earliest discoveries and the latest missions into space. Meet some of the greatest astronomers and scientists in the world.

Space Encyclopedia: A Tour Of the Solar System and Beyond – David A. Aguilar     
National Geographic For Kids gives readers a wild ride through space!


Space Exploration – Giles Sparrow

This book presents the life of an astronaut from take-off to surviving, adapting and working in space stations. It discusses space travels throughout history, including the first landing on the moon and a look at future space exploration plans.


Space Exploration – Carole Stott

This book describes rockets, exploratory vehicles and other technological aspects of space exploration, satellites, space stations and the life and work of astronauts.


Universe – Robin Kerrod

This book provides an in-depth, comprehensive look at the universe with a unique integration of words and pictures. Topics include black holes, galaxies, the solar system, asteroids, meteors, meteorites, stars, quasars and more.