Hello, everyone! I am here to tell you about the new planetarium shows we recently obtained.
Before I go into more details, I need to warn you: they will only be available this month for the matinees.

Oceans in Space


How about a journey through space guided by Captain Benjamin Sisko, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Narrated by Avery Brooks, In Oceans in Space will take you to places where life might be possible, while looking at the diversity of life in our own planet. This show will play September 9th and September 11th at 2:30 pm. Here’s a sneak peak:


First and Farthest


How about knowing a little more about our greatest accomplishments in the Space Race? This show will talk about from the first rockets ever build to the first and farthest we ever gotten to: the Moon. Playing on September 16th and 18th at 2:30 pm. Take a look at the sneak peak:


Dinosaurs at Dusk


This show narrated the adventures of Lucy, a teenager and her dad, who share a fascination for everything that flies. They travel back in time to find out the origins of flight. Playing on September 23rd and 25th at 2:30 pm. Here is a sneak peak of their adventure:


Back to the Moon for Good


The Moon is really fascinating, starting from its origin. Our Galaxy took billions of years to form. Our planet took millions. What about the moon? The answer for this question is very surprising. In this show, you will learn about the Moon’s origin, composition, structure and the accessibility of raw materials on its surface. Back to the Moon for Good won many international awards, including the Planetarians Choice Award at the International Planetarium Society/Macao Fulldome Festival. Playing on September 30th. Here is the trailer: