Hello, everyone! It has been a while since my last post. I have been pretty busy working to improve the services we can offer online. For now, I can't say much about what's to come, but it will certanly be amazing. I am getting ready to launch two projects that will help us serve you better. Please look forward to it!

For today I wil be talking about two shows that we have purchased a few months ago that wil finally premiere: National Geographic's Pandas: The Journey Home and Flying Monsters!

You can't deny that some of the most amazing documentaries about nature are produced by National Geographic. They put so much work into it and the result is always amazing. With Pandas: The Journey Home, things are not different. This documentary shows us the efforts of the folks at Wolong Panda Center in China to keep Pandas from being extinct. It is a lot of work, let me tell you that! If you like Pandas (who doesn't like them, right?) this is definetely a must see for you and your family. Check out the trailer below:

Even though we are fast approaching Halloween season, our new show Flying Monsters has nothing to do with it. Rather, it talks about how pterosaurus ruled the prehistoric skies. Could you imagine seeing such a creature flying around? What if they flew around on a Halloween night? That would be interesting. Check out the trailer below:

That's all I have for now! Don't forget to check our schedule! If you are looking for something to do for Halloween, we will be rocking with a Haunted House organized by Central Texas College's Student Life Services and our lineup of several different Halloween laser light shows, some of the best ones ever made. These shows have sold out in the past so make sure you get here early!

Enjoy the new shows and happy halloween!

PS: Leave coments below with any questions and comments you may have

~ Webmaster



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Anderson Fernandes has been with the Mayborn Science Theater for six years. His past experience as a planetarium assistant taught him how to use everything the Science Theater has to offer. Currently working on his bachelor's degree in Computer Science, he is a science enthusiast, guitar player and gamer on his free time.