Hey, guys! It's been awhile.

I was quietly working on a few things in our website. The show schedule on the right hand side of the side has a much cleaner look now. I have also added a link for you to go straight to it. This is a special feature for you guys on mobile devices. Before that, you had to scroll all the way down to find the schedule. Some of you would scroll down and still not find the schedule on mobile. Problem solved.

To the real deal now! I have been trying to work on my JavaScript skills and came up with a neat idea to do that and make something useful out of it: a little page to calculate the cost of a field trip to the Mayborn Science Theater. The idea is simple, but the execution was a little challenging because I wanted to make it all object oriented. For those of you who know JavaScript, it handles classes and objects in a very singular way. You have to declare a class as a "function". Then, inside that function, you define accessors and mutators (more functions, inside of another function) and the private data fields. You even use the "function" keyword before it! Man! Sort of fun, but confusing if you are coming from Java, C# and C++. Once you get a hang of it, it's peace of cake and not that bad.

This Field Trip Estimator tool checks for all conditions that you might not have in mind when calculating the price of a field trip. For example, it checks to see if the total amount of people is 180, our maximum capacity. It also checks to see if the kids/teacher ratio is 10 to 1 and prices tickets according to how many people and how many shows the group is watching.

Please use it away! And let me know if you find any problems. I tried a lot of things to "break" it and had several other people doing it as well, including our director and our manager. They tested it out with several conditions and it still came out clean. Enjoy! (and let me know if you find any problems)