What is the minimum amount of students that a show can be reserved for?
There is no minimum amount of students that attend but you must pay for at least 20 student tickets.

(i.e. If you want to bring 15 students you must still pay for at least 20 student tickets.)

(Please keep in mind that there are only 180 seats available)



How long do memberships last?
Memberships expire at the end of the month in 1 years time.

(i.e. if you buy a membership on December 10th 2018 that membership would expire December 31st 2019)

When can I sign up for a membership?
Memberships can only be purchased during public show hours on Saturdays.



General Public

Can space at the Planetarium be leased for events other than the advertised events, pending availability?
Yes, in most cases if you call us @ 254-526-1768 and the space you are requesting is not already reserved we should be able to help you.
What is the age range for child tickets?
3 years old to 12 years old, under 3 is free.
Can I buy tickets or memberships online?
No, tickets and memberships can only be bought at the ticket counter.

(We are planning on allowing customers to do business online starting sometime in 2019.)